Sunday, 24 July 2016


The very first task assigned to me as a part of Weeks of Contribution is Localisation.

The steps to localise in the Pontoon were instructed to us clearly in the Hangouts call by the Mozilla Contributor.

Initially, I faced some difficulties in typing in my native language (Tamil) and later I became familiar with it. It was interesting to suggest translations and also I came to know some new words in Tamil. And I was little addicted to make suggestions to reach the top of the contributors list ;) .

I ended up with suggesting around 120 strings and waiting for evaluation of my suggestions.
My teammates also done well in giving suggestions.
  • r.shanmugapriyan - 124 strings
  • - 52 Strings
  • kalairex619 - 31 Strings
  • lesleychennai98 - 29 Strings
On the whole, we learnt some Tamil buzz words in addition to contributing !

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